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This proven funnel gets you DOUBLE, even TRIPLE, homeowner leads and commercial accounts so you can GROW your business faster without feeling stressed out!

After months of trial and error… and spending thousands of our own money in split-testing… we’ve discovered the winning funnel for a continues flow of pest control leads and clients!

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We Got 2 Proven Pest Control Funnels That Convert Cold Traffic Into Happy Paying Customers!


This is an essential Funnel for Pest Control companies of any size who wish to grow their business using the Internet.

It’s a complete marketing campaign that includes a Landing Page, Thank you Page and email autoresponder.

Simply link to the landing page from your Social media profiles or paid ads to generate you leads for your business.

Funnels work more effectively than Websites to generate leads due to the lack of distractions and links on the page so your cost per lead is lower.



All the pages you need to deploy this funnel quickly are included such as the landing page and thank you page.

Email Autoresponder

An email confirmation is sent to the lead as soon as they complete the form on your Funnel.

Email List

Use this Funnel to build an email list of potential clients you can market to again and again instead of relying on paid ads.

Imagine Getting Pest-Infested Leads and Customers Everyday on Your Cell Phone…

Watch the video below and see for yourself!

Hear From Our Latest Happy Clients

We Help Pest Control Business Owners From All Over the World

Mr Bueno and his team are very professional. I like the way they communicate. The results were very good!

Gregory S.

I was skeptical about the funnel at first, but after sending traffic from one of my online pest control campaigns I was blown away with the leads and calls that came in. The funnel really works, and I couldn’t be happier!

Richard P.

A colleague told me about your funnel so I decided to give it a try. I’m very happy that I did. It brings more customers than my current pest control website! Thanks for setting it up for me!

Jorge S.

So What Exactly IS a Funnel?

A Funnel is a strategic sequence of Landing Pages and emails that guide potential customers towards a specific action, such as making a purchase or completing a web form to get a free quote. By directing visitors to a single page with a clear call-to-action, we can achieve higher conversion rates compared to sending traffic to a traditional website with multiple options and distractions.

Our Funnels are custom-built and tested to deliver results. We use a user-friendly interface so you can easily make any edits and customize the funnel pages to your brand.

Everything is Already Done for You…

We Take The Time & Stress Out Of Marketing a Successful Pest Control Business!

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by the daily tasks and responsibilities of running your own pest control business? Do you find yourself struggling to generate leads and customers, despite your best efforts? We understand the stress and frustration, and we’re here to help.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know that there’s never enough time in the day to get everything done. Between editing your website, managing your pest control technicians, creating content, and running marketing campaigns, it can be difficult to keep up with the demands of running a business. And even when you do manage to find the time, it can be hard to know where to focus your efforts to get the best results.

But what if we told you that there’s a way to streamline your efforts and achieve more, with less stress and frustration? That’s where our ready-made Funnels come in.

Our Funnels are designed specifically for pest control business owners like you, who want to grow their business without sacrificing their sanity. We’ve done the hard work for you, creating complete campaigns so all you need to do is customize the Funnels. Or simply let us know and we’ll do everything for you!

The Pest Control Funnel Comes With 5 Pre-Written Emails

Each lead that comes through your funnel will be automatically added to your email list!

What is an Email Sequence?


An email sequence is a series of emails that is sent automatically to a potential buyer, user, or customer using automation software.

At, we built 5 follow-up emails that would do the following:


  • Educate prospects along their path to becoming a client.
  • Handle any objections they have along the way.
  • Nurture prospects to take action now.
  • Establish your authority and credibility in the industry (and thus make you their pest control provider of choice).
  • Keep you top-of-mind until they’re ready to signup or schedule a pest inspection.

An email sequence it’s like having an army of sales reps selling your pest control services 24/7!

Get started with your 30 day trial now and get more leads and sales with our proven Pest Control Funnel templates!

The ‘PestQuotePro’ Plugin

This Unknown Little Plugin Could DOUBLE Your Pest Control Leads and Customers Overnight… And It Already Comes Included With The Funnel For Immediate Conversions!

How Does It Work?


Prospects that are looking for pest control services online are very interested (and DESPERATE) to know how much money their pest infestation will cost them.

The problem is that most prospects don’t want to talk with a sales rep on the phone or schedule an appointment with a technician until they’ve done research and looked at your competitors.

The “PestQuotePro” plugin offers your prospects EXACTLY what they want the most… a fast instant quote online by simply filling out an easy 60-second survey.

In exchange for an instant quote, they’ll be required to give you their personal contact info (name, email, and phone number).

This is what makes the plugin convert cold visitors into HOT leads and customers!

Best part…

The automated instant quote generated by the plugin is just a rough “ballpark” estimate of the cost involved, it is in NO way an actual binding quote for your business.

We’ve built the plugin from scratch because we knew it could double, even TRIPLE, the leads you get from your pest control funnel or website. This plugin is not available anywhere else online!

Here’s how this simple yet powerful plugin works…


3 Simple Steps to Get Started With Our Funnels


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Customize Your Funnel


Get 2X More Customers!

Here’s EVERYTHING You Get Access To When You Get These ‘Pest Control Funnels’ Right Now!

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Double Your Leads, Calls, and Customers For Your Pest Control Business!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions we get asked about our Ready-Made Funnels

What do I need to do to get the funnels working?

Once you have your login details to your account, all you need to do is go through and edit the content for your brand. Alternatively you can buy one of our packages where we take care of all of that for you!

Do you provide any support if I have questions?

Absolutely! If you need any advice or help with your funnel, then contact us for a rapid response.

How will the Website/Funnels help my business?

With a professionally designed, mobile friendly, fast Website you are going to attract more clients and customers. Our funnels are proven to convert really well too and have been refined over months of use to make sure they work perfectly to power your pest control business!

Can I put my Funnel or Website on my own domain name?

Yes. It’s very simple and fast to do.

Can I use the PestQuotePro plugin on my website?

Yes. The PestQuotePro plugin can be used on your official company website too, not just on your funnels. The plugin offers your visitors an instant quote online within seconds. The quote is non-binding, it’s a general estimate of the cost involved in their pest infestation, and not an actual official quote. In exchange for the instant quote, the visitor gives you their personal contact info. The PestQuotePro plugin was created and tested by our team, and it has been proven to double (even triple) your leads and customers!

How long will it take to get my Website/Funnel up and working?

Not very long at all. You can either edit the funnel yourself by uploading your own logo and then editing the content and images and have it live in a few hours. Alternatively just use our team to set everything up for you with one of our packages.

Do you see or keep my credit card information?

No. Paypal is the most trusted merchant in the world. They don’t share your personal details or credit card info with anyone.

Can your team build a custom funnel or website design for my business?

Absolutely. We can design any type of custom-tailored funnel, landing page, or website that your business requires. We also do email copy-writing, sales letters, ad creation, and graphic design such as logos and brochures. Simply contact us and let us know about your marketing project.

If I cancel my account do I lose everything?

No. We will not delete anything but none of your Funnels or Websites will be active online.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes we do. You have 30 days after you sign up to get a full refund. Simply send an email to: 

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